The 9 Best Survival Food Kits To Stock Up On In 2022 ... There are also other business that make cheaper survival food than Valley Food Storage. Our objective wasn't a race to the bottom to produce the least expensive calories we could pass off as emergency situation food. Before you purchase from any other company, compare their nutrition labels to Valley Food Storage nutrition labels. However that's not the case for the majority of other emergency situation food kit suppliers. In an emergency don't count on chemicals and fillers for your family's survival. We always recommend keeping shelf steady staples on hand. Make sure you have some additional rice and canned tuna. The protein bars you can purchase the supermarket are also excellent. Then if the power goes out for a day or there's a snowstorm, you have simple access to food materials. When we talk about an emergency food kit we're not talking about food for a day. We're talking about food for 2